Peter Miletic is a piano player in the Chicagoland area for weddings, piano bars, and more….

He has experience conducting a sing-along atmosphere while performing for many types of audiences, including private and corporate functions, weddings, fundraisers, hotels and dinner clubs. His strong voice and adaptable piano style compliment a professional and friendly appearance.

“I love to get people involved by having them sing along with me, or just tap their toe.”

Whatever the area happens to dictate, whether it’s showmanship or listening pleasure, Peter’s piano music can satisfy any need.

Standards and Classic Jazz and Swing
He has discovered many of the great songs from the 1930’s and 40’s and truly enjoys performing these beautiful melodies.
Rock and Roll
The 1950’s and 60’s generated songs with a dance rhythm and create simple excitement.
Pop Music
The 1970’s to now – Elton John, Billy Joel and the Rolling Stones are just some of the artists in the pop category Peter touches.
Background Music
Dinner/cocktail, mood-setting music for those who wish to converse or discuss business in a relaxed atmosphere.